The Ideal Gifts for Your Grown-Up Son

Buying for men is notoriously tricky. So, to make things easier, here are some top ideas for gifts for your grown-up son.

Two Tickets

If your son has kids of his own by now, he’ll be sure to appreciate the gift of a night out free from the usual household hassles. You could offer to look after the children for an evening while he and his partner have a night out.

Even if he doesn’t have kids, giving him a couple of ticket to something he loves is an unusual gift but a great one. You can be pretty sure that nobody else will get him the same thing. It could be tickets to a sports game, a comedy show or a live music event.

An Experience Gift

A lot of gifts are forgettable. They get filed away in a drawer, and people never take a second glance at them until they have a clear out of the drawer a few years later! But if you give your son an experience gift, it’s something they won’t forget in a hurry.

These kinds of gifts are becoming increasingly, and there’s one for everyone. You could let them spend the day driving around a race track. Or give them the opportunity to do a skydive or even learn to fly a plane.


If your son has recently moved out of your house and is setting up by himself, he probably needs a little help with appliances and cleaning products. Men aren’t very good with these things, so give them a hand and buy them a few essential appliances!

They might not be the most interesting gifts you’ll ever buy, but they’re definitely essential. And your son will thank you in the long-run. To find the best ones, you should read reviews of As Seen on TV products online to make sure you don’t buy a dud.

Boys Toys

Most men are still little kids at heart, so if you’re stuck for ideas, why not just give them what you always used to and buy them some boys toys? We love to get things that we can spend hours messing about with, especially if it takes some skill and learning.

One of the best gifts for men who like to while away the hours playing pointless games is a remote control helicopter. There are not many things that are more fun than these. It takes time and skill to master them, making it even more fun.

Interesting Alcoholic Drinks

Most of us like to have a drink from time to time, so if you’re not sure what else to buy, alcohol is always a good gift to fall back on. It’s the kind of gift that you can’t go too far wrong with. But if you want it to be a little more special, pick something different.

If your son loves to drink beer, as a lot of us do, then don’t just get them some ordinary beer from the supermarket, that’s a pretty poor gift. Instead, get them some interesting international beers they haven’t tasted before.


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Buying gifts is never easy, but it’s one of those things we all have to do!

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