How to Shop Online and Stay Anonymous

How to Shop Online and Stay Anonymous

When it comes to staying safe and secure when shopping online, the majority of us can probably think of a few practices we might adopt to make sure we’re doing our due diligence when making purchases. Maybe you double check the company’s authenticity to make sure they’re a trusted vendor before you buy from them. Maybe you check for positive reviews to see if anyone has had any negative contact with the company in the past. Or maybe you simply read the fine print and carefully check the terms and conditions to make sure you understand what you’re agreeing to before making a purchase. Whichever method you choose, the end result should be the same – you’re making sure that you’re getting a quality product and vendor before you hand over your personal information. If you’re interested in shopping online and want to stay anonymous, then the process may be a bit more nuanced than the above. Thankfully, the following article provides a great overview of how to shop online safely and anonymously, and how to find the best VPN for that task.

What Is VPN?

A virtual private network is a tool that allows users to connect to various service without being directly attached to a specific service. With a VPN, you’re essentially “tunneling” your internet connection through an encrypted connection to a third-party server. This provides many benefits including:

Privacy & Anonymity - When using a VPN, your internet traffic becomes anonymous and untraceable, ensuring that you have the utmost degree of privacy when browsing the web.

Security - A connection through a third-party server makes it extremely difficult for hackers to intercept your data when using a VPN.

Speed - Internet providers can’t see what you’re doing on the internet when using a VPN, which means you’re likely to experience faster speeds than you would without a VPN.

Access Restricted Content - Since a VPN encrypts your connection, it’s possible to unblock geographically restricted content such as Netflix, Hulu, or BBC iPlayer. For example, people in China use VPN to unblock sites such as Google (It's called 翻墙VPN in Chinese). A Japan VPN (VPN日本) allows people in the U.S. to watch Japan-only TV shows.

Refined Browsing Experience - Since you’re loading your browser through a different server, it’s possible to optimize the way you load websites, making it much easier on your browsing experience.

VPN Stats & Performance - Using a VPN will give you the option to view your internet connection statistics, including your speed, data transfer, and IP address. This is incredibly helpful in making sure you’re getting the most out of your service.

How to Shop Online and Stay Anonymous With VPN

How to Shop Online and Stay Anonymous With VPN

Even though it’s now easier than ever to buy things online, there are still some things you can do to ensure you’re staying anonymous. Here are a few tips:

- Double Check Vendor - Before you buy anything, it’s always a good idea to have a quick browse through the vendor’s website and make sure everything looks legitimate. Check for reviews, make sure the company’s address/contact details look accurate, and make sure that everything you see on the website looks like it belongs there.

- Don’t Buy From Anonymity - If you do want to buy something from a vendor that you’ve located online, avoid buying from a “review address” that doesn’t look like a vendor’s website address. Instead, find a vendor address that looks like a website address, such as “”.

- Compare Prices - When you’re comparing prices online, it’s easy to get lost in the details. However, it’s important to remember that the most important thing is price – not the other details. So if one product is twice as expensive as another, but delivers the same product, then it doesn’t matter as much.

- Take Advantage Of Free Trials - Free trials are a great way to check out a vendor’s product before making a full purchase.

- Shop In The Security Of Privacy - While there are certain things you should never order online, it’s always a good idea to shop while using a VPN. This will ensure you’re staying anonymous and protected from hackers. - Use A Privacy-Focused Browser - While it’s important to use a VPN, it’s even more important to use a privacy-focused browser. This will ensure that your browsing experience is private and optimized.

- Use An App To Filter Out Ads & Trackers - If you’d like to take things a step further and make sure you’re safe and secure when shopping online, you can also use an ad blocker and tracker blocker. This will ensure you’re protected from hackers, and that you’re not being tracked online.

How to Choose the Right VPN

There are plenty of VPN services out there, and it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. For best results, follow these steps when choosing the right VPN:

- Find A Good VPN Review - A great way to start finding the best VPN for your needs is by reading VPN reviews. This will help you find the best VPN for your needs, and make sure you’re getting a reliable service.

- Compare Pricing - When comparing pricing, remember to compare both monthly and annual pricing. Monthly pricing is typically straightforward and easy to compare, but many VPNs offer annual pricing as well.

- Read Features - Another way to find the best VPN for your needs is by reading features and comparing them. For example, there are VPNs that support torrenting, VPNs that allow you to share VPN with other people, and so on.

- Look For A Privacy-Focused VPN - While it’s important to look for a VPN that offers plenty of features, it’s also important to look for one that’s focused on your privacy. This will help ensure that your data is protected and kept private when using the VPN.

- Look For A Global VPN - Another important VPN feature to look for is a global VPN. This will help you protect your data, improve your internet speed, and enjoy the best VPN benefits when using a global VPN.


The internet is an amazing tool – but it’s also a scary place. The vast amount of information that’s available online can be incredibly helpful, but it can also be incredibly dangerous. That’s why it’s important to take some precautions when using the internet. Shopping

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