Important Things You Need When Shopping For Eternity Rings

It’s time to sell diamonds wedding ring and say hello to an eternal ring!

The chances are that you’re familiar with an engagement ring or a wedding ring - perhaps you’re wearing one. But what on Earth is an eternity ring? Hold your horses! Herein, we are going to walk you through a few crucial things you ought to know about these beautiful pieces of jewelry.

What’s an Eternity Ring?

It’s a ring you gift to your significant other after you have reached a specific milestone in your marriage or when a life-changing occasion occurs. Also called an infinity ring, an eternity ring is a symbol of love and is often gifted by a loved one during a wedding anniversary. Most eternity rings consist of a band of prestigious metal set with a line of superbly cut diamonds.

Meaning of Eternal Rings -- A Little History

The romanticized history of gifting an eternal ring to your better half can be traced to Ancient Egypt in 2000 BC. Egyptians of this era believed a circle to be a symbol of not only everlasting love but also eternity. In fact, ring mythology is based on their symbol ring shaped Ouroboros (a lizard or snake swallowing its own tail to complete a full circle). History aside, eternity ring is still considered the standard symbol for unrelenting commitment and eternal love.

When Is the Best Time to Give an Eternal Ring?

Because historically an eternal ring references the full circle of life, it has become quite common for people to give it out when the first child is born. Since it’s also a sign of devotion and eternal love, some couples choose to gift eternal rights during their first wedding anniversary. However, it is conventional for a diamond eternal ring to be given out during the 60th wedding anniversary. If you don’t want to hold off that long, you can give it out sooner. It can also be a birthday present, Valentine’s Day gift or a holiday gift. There are no hard and fast rules; it’s all up to you.

What’s the Best Style for an Eternal Ring?

Many people sell their diamond wedding rings to make way for the lavish new ring and for it not to clash with the existing ring. Though some just stack an eternal ring on top of other rings (read: engagement or wedding ring). However, you want something that’ll not clash style-wise with the “other” rings. If you have a white engagement ring, for example; a yellow eternity ring will look odd on your finger. Match the rings in terms of color, setting style, diamond sizes, and so forth.

Half Eternity Ring vs Full Eternity Ring

A full eternity ring has rocks around its circumference, while the half counterpart has gemstones across the half of the circumference of the ring. Often, a half eternity ring is an excellent choice since you’re dealing with fewer settings but the same carat weight.

What’s the best Setting?

There are mainly two types of eternal ring settings: (1) claw-set, whereby the stones are held in place by prongs; and (2) channel-set whereby the diamonds are set around the ring’s circumference. If you’re set-and-forget kind of a person, the latter choice will do the trick for you. However, if you like to show off the ring, go for the claw-set design.

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