5 Great Promotional Ideas for the Shopping Mall

In order to increase foot traffic in shopping malls, and brick and mortar stores, businesses need to produce some unique marketing ideas. Retail marketing helps your business to connect with customers, expand its reach, nurture relationships, and tell the story of your brand. As well as this, it can also be used to help you stand out from the competition.

Thankfully, marketing can be done by all businesses, no matter how large or small they may be. In fact, there are lots of marketing options that can help businesses of all sizes and in all industries to reach their audience, no matter how large their budget may be, or how much experience they may have.

If you are wanting to promote and market your business, then here are some amazing promotional ideas that are ideal for shopping malls:

1.     Flash Sales

One of the best promotional ideas for shopping malls is to offer flash sales to customers at certain times during the year. A flash sale creates a sense of urgency among your customers, and it encourages them to buy now.

However, before you start offering flash sales to your customers, you will first need to attract customers to the mall. This can be easier said than done, particularly if other shopping malls are offering similar discounts to you.

The good news is that there are lots of things you can do to make your business stand out. For example, you could promote it on social media, or you could create some amazing displays that attract your customer's attention. You could even consider purchasing a lifelike animatronic T-Rex Dinosaur for the mall. All of these things will make you stand out from the competition.

2.     Cashback Promotions

Another great promotional idea for the shopping mall is cashback promotions. But why is this? It is quite simple really, most customers will tell you that they do not feel as bad spending large amounts of money when they get some money back in return. It is almost like they are paying less from the start, and then have extra money to get other products they desire.

Evidence suggests that cashback promotions usually result in more loyalty and business from customers. This means that this type of offer is a win-win for both your customers and you.

3.     Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty rewards are another amazing promotional idea that shopping malls should consider. Research has shown that loyalty rewards can be a powerful motivator for customers. This is why offering your customers loyalty rewards is a great idea. You could start by offering double or triple loyalty points for a short period of time, or you could consider offering a set number of points to customers who sign up for your loyalty points program. Whatever you choose, offering loyalty rewards is a great idea.

4.     Joint Promotions

Joint promotions are a great idea for businesses that own several brands or who partner with companies in related or similar industries. All businesses have to do for this type of promotion is bundle services or products into a package and promote this via the other brands.

5.     Shopping Sprees

Most customers will agree that shopping sprees are one of the most exciting in-store promotions available. However, if you choose this option, it is important that you remove most of your expensive products from the mall. This is because leaving too many expensive items on the shelves could end up costing you dearly.

The success of a shopping mall depends on a huge number of different factors. One of the main factors it depends on is your marketing and promotion strategy. If you do not get these right, you will not get enough customers into your mall. Thankfully, there are lots of simple things you can do to market your mall successfully. Why not try out some of the promotional ideas we have listed above?

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