Awesome Gift Ideas When You Are Short On Cash

We all like to buy gifts for those that we love, right? Well, most of us do, I think! The trouble is, when you are short on money and have a friend’s birthday or the festive period coming up, it can be incredibly stressful.

There’s no doubt that buying someone a present can be a difficult experience, even when your budget isn’t a problem. It can be tough to spot the perfect gift, and even when you do, you can sometimes struggle to source it. Add in no money to the mix as well, and it makes it even harder. But it doesn’t have to be.

So, what can you do? Today, we’re going to look at several ways that you can save money on buying gifts, and make sure that whoever receives it, loves it. There’s plenty to be getting on with, so let’s dive straight in at the deep end.


Know who you are buying for

Want to know the easiest way of buying a gift for someone with no budget? It’s understanding who they are and what they like. In fact, that is half the battle. Once you know that you will be able to target your efforts much better.

Chip in with friends and family

Now, if your friend or loved one has expensive tastes, then don’t be afraid of pitching in with other people. You could arrange something spectacular for them, with everyone contributing a little to make a lot. Of course, this depends wholly on the amount of people you have to give a few pounds, but if you have something specific in mind, it’s a great option.

Go to auction sites

Another option is to use auction sites and services. However, don’t just jump onto eBay and bid your maximum on the first item you come across. Be clever, and you may get even more money off. eBay is renowned for being somewhere where the spelling is not quite tip-top. So, try searching for your gift by including some spelling mistakes. You never know, something might come up, and because it was misspelled, no-one else will make a bid. There are many little tips like this - head over to for more.   

Use coupons

At some point in time, there has been a coupon for everything. Keep an eye out for money off at all the major coupon sites, and plan well ahead. You might see something that your friend would like in January, but it isn’t her birthday until June. Check the coupon expiration date, and use it as soon - or as late - a you need to.

Create your own present

Nothing beats a self-made present that has been designed with love. It is entirely unique and shows you have spent a lot of time and effort on making your loved one happy. If your budget really is a problem, then this, perhaps, is the best idea to explore. So, get creative!

Do you have any ideas on how to save money on gift buying? We would love to hear from you if you have, so let us know in the comments section below...

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